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Greenwich House Pottery Newsletter

January 12, 2015


I wanted to share a 2014 Yearly Newsletter of Greenwich House Pottery Studio!
It is nice to be included:)

You can download the newsletter here, and learn more about the studio!



Carrier Pigeon Group Show

December 1, 2014


There is a group show with my etching print.
Check out the magazine and awesome artworks!

Group Show

October 1, 2014

I have one piece is this show.
Please stop by if you are near by.


Catching a cloud

May 21, 2014
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Last Fall, after taking summer break from etching, I switched my gear from 2-D to 3-D, to the ceramic world.

I’ve done throwing and experimented with slip casting few years ago, but this time I’m doing hand building which opens up the whole entire world of ceramic and now I’m at the studio any time I find, I’m there…
Finishing one piece takes such a long time though, everytime something come out of the kiln, they all kind of make me smile and even laugh sometimes. They all come out with their personality. It’s like they are alive. They deform themselves in fire for long time, so when they come out, they have the look of, “I’m a bit tired” or “I just finished a huge project”, like they just ran a very long marathon… So I take them home and wash them and wipe them and place them on my shelf. Soon they start to look settled in place and relax.

I haven’t gotten a chance to take good pictures of things I made, but this Thursday there is a studio member show at Greenwhich House Pottery , so I took a picture of the piece that I will have in the show. Things that people make at the studio is pretty amazing…

My piece is called “Catching a cloud”
I”m happy with the way she came out. The glazing was the big experiment for this piece.

My dream now is to have a big studio with kiln, and etching press… I think I need a big space…
Show info…

Japanese Young Artists’ Book Fair

March 6, 2014

I’m involved in the Japanese Young Artist’s Book Fair 8th!
It is an unattended Book Fair organized by Pepper’s Project in Japan.
They bring Japanese artists from Japan and New York together to show their creative books.
This year, it took places in Kinokuniya, Book Court, and Printed Matter.

I was responsible for creating window and shelf display signs with my friend and great artist, Yuriko Katori!
We drew things that are reading.  We also pasted many gold cut papers to represent golden rice and golden leaves for the love of rice and Autumn leaves  :)
It is hard to see in the pictures, but we also made many things hanging from the ceiling using “Mizuhiki” .
Mizuhiki is a Japanese traditional string that is made with rice papers.
I find this method very fascinating. They are very strong and creates beautiful shapes.

As for books, I reformatted two books that I made in my past.
One is “Bottomless Swamp”. I made it in a bit of bigger size!
The other one is “Little Drawer”.
When I made “Little Drawer” for the first time in 2007, I made it as a book format and I placed them in ceramic drawers I made.
It was a lot of stiching and binding together, and I could only make two.
I always wanted to reformat it so that it’s more accessible.
This time, I decided to make them in card format like the Japanese card game Karuta.
I then put them in different hand painted single card board drawers.

The event is from Feb 27th to Mar 11th.
My books are displayed in Kinokuniya and Book Court!
Please stop by and take a look at all of the interesting hand made books~!

With yuriko!

With yuriko!

Printed Matter in New York.

Carrier Pigeon Magazine Release show!

December 1, 2013

I am in this great magazine, Carrier Pigeon!

This magazine is totally artist based, and very unique.
They give complete control to the designer, artists, and the writers to make each issue.
There is always surprises in this magazine, so far I’ve seen the magazine with
using magnet to float the cover, music playing when the cover opens,
or includes original prints by talented artists.

My 10 etching images are in one of the most recent issue 10.
I have been exploring, and swimming in this “etching” swamp for
past recent years, and I feel so honor to be in this special magazine!

On the 5th of December, they will have the show to celebrate releasing
their most recent Carrier Pigeon Issues 10 and 11 at EMOA Space Gallery, located in Chelsea, NY.
I will show three pieces at the show along with other contributors artwork:)
Please come to the opening!

EMOA Space Gallery
530 West 25th Street #407,
New York, New York
Dec 5th~Dec 14th, 2013
Opening Reception
Thursday, December 5th

Big Felt Bird for Philbrook Museum of Art

November 25, 2013

Early fall, I was commissioned to make another big felt bird.
I made two big felt birds for eeBoo’s trade show booth beginning of this year, that were also used for window display for Folk Art Museum in New York in Spring.
Now, Philbrook Museum of Art  asked me to make a big felt bird for their store, so they can hang it above eeBoo craft products :)
My bird flew to Oklahoma!!
I haven’t gotten the photo from the museum yet, but I wanted to post the picture of the bird before I forget.

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